Ha-Ra Doormat
"Soft" & "Extreme"
  “Soft” is the mat for the entryway to the house, made of coarse and fine fibres in alternating order.
The coarse fibres brush the remaining dirt away. The fine fibres have a fine cleaning and suction effect, similar to a cloth, and absorb the moisture.

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Ha-Ra Products Canada

Ha-Ra Products Canada has been in business since September 2004 and is owned and operated by Jeff and Elsabee Lyon. Our first introduction to Ha-Ra was in July 2004, from relatives in Holland. We were so impressed with the cleaning power and the quality of the products that made us recognize the impact that these products would have in Canada. We did our research and contacted Ha-Ra Germany to seek distribution rights for Canada. After our trip to Ha-Ra Germany, we secured the Canadian market. We currently have Consultants and Distributors in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

In the Fall of 2010, we recognized an opportunity to expand into another growing market thus expanding our business to include a cleaning service using solely Ha-Ra Products. The need for trustworthy reliable and quality cleaning service providers is an ever growing market. We are currently serving areas in the Lower Mainland. Please contact us to see if we are available in your area.

Jeff and Elsabee Lyon

Please contact us to see if we are available in your area.