Ha-Ra Vario Window
Cleaner 19cm/32cm
  Working with the Ha-Ra window cleaning device is an experience. Faster than professionals. cleaner than the professionals and without using “elbow grease”! Adjustable rubber strip, allows you to reach tough areas.

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  Ha-Ra Products Canada/USA is always looking for people to help with the expansion of our company. The North American market is wide open for ambitious people to build a distribution network all over the continent.

This is an opportunity that does not come around very often. In 2005 North Americans spent $14.7 billion on household cleaning products. North Americans are now seeking new, safer and healthier methods to clean their homes. In recent years, there has been more media coverage on the dangers of the cleaning chemicals used in everyday households. The consumers are learning of this and are demanding better choices for cleaning products. Even the “giants” of cleaning products manufactures are coming out with “GREEN CLEANING” solutions, just to try and meet the demand. The problem with these, is that they are still all consumable products and not sustainable for the consumer or the environment. Ha-Ra products provide the consumer with a sustainable solution.

Ha-Ra Products Canada/USA is looking for the right people with a vision to make a difference in Canada and the United States. Ha-Ra has positioned itself to become a dominate name in North America. Ha-Ra has 37 plus years of name recognition in Europe meeting the demand of the consumer to have safe, healthier alternatives to cleaning. Ha-Ra is not only a great solution for safe products; it is also a very sustainable product that people can use for many years. Being a fibre based cleaning product, our cloths will last 7 to 10 years with proper care and use, setting us apart for all the other “GREEN” solutions.

The opportunity that presents itself is here and if you have ever dreamed of being in business for yourself, want to have an impact on people’s lives or just wanting to have an income from a business that you could control your time with, Ha-Ra could be the right fit for you. Starting as a Consultant you can work towards becoming a Distributor by building your consultant and customer base anywhere in North America.
Ha-Ra’s proven track record in Europe and in other countries around the world gives you the opportunity to build a very successful business here in North America. We will provide you with all the support, training and the compensation package necessary for your success.

Ha-Ra Products Canada’s managing directors encourage you to do your own research because we know that the more you learn the more you will understand that Ha-Ra is truly at the right place at the right time here is North America.

  The Ha-Ra distribution system
In order to ensure the optimal use of the Ha-Ra cleaning system Hans Raab decided to market his method through the 'seeing is believing' approach. This allows for the Ha-Ra consultant to provide the correct cleaning system for the job on an individual or group basis.

Why don't you attend a Ha-Ra demonstration or book one for yourself? You will be pleasantly surprised!

Due to the mechanical - physical cleaning action of Ha-Ra fibres, households and industrial companies are able to reduce their use of cleaning materials by 95%.
Millions of householders around the world are realizing that these products are not only environmentally friendly, but also work faster and cleaner than traditional cleaning materials.

Should your Ha-Ra cloths eventually become worn out, you may return them to us so that we can dispose of them free of charge and in an environmentally friendly way.