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Cleaning Formulas : Ha-Ra Blue
Cleaning Paste

Cleans, polishes and preserves in one step: stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, gold, silver, brass, copper, tin, enamel, glass, acrylic, crystal, synthetics, ceramics, etc. Especially suitable for use in the household on tiles, sinks, toilets, shower cubical, kitchen furniture, taps, stove tops, plastics surfaces, blinds, heating elements, outdoor furniture window panes; on the car, camper van, car top, chrome parts, (i.e., tar stains, insect stains); for tradesmen, in commercial kitchens, for hobby and leisure boots, skis, tennis, athletic shoes, trophies, musical instruments, etc. (loosens lime and grease).

How to Use:  

With a moist Ha-Ra cloth, wipe gently over the paste several times. Clean with foamy Ha-Ra fibre. Rinse the surface under running water or wipe with a damp cloth and buff. After use, let the Ha-Ra Blue cleaning paste dry before closing. Always test in unobtrusive spot when cleaning synthetics.

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