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Cleaning Formulas : Ha-Ra Leather Balm

Nourishes, maintains and impregnates smooth leather in one step: Maintains leather shoes, belts, suitcases, furniture, clothing, car dashboards, balls, riding tack, saddles, as well as synthetics and waxed timber, prevents and removes the build up of snow and water grooves, keeps leather pliable and breathable. For leather clothing and seats allow the paste to soak into the material for at least 24 hours.

How to Use:  

Apply a small amount of Ha-Ra leather balm with the Ha-Ra leather care cloth (specifically made for this purpose) to the surface to be treated – that’s all! The shine comes once the product has been absorbed and dried, all by itself! By further buffing i.e., with a Ha-Ra Natura the shine can be improved. Use the blue side for dirt on shoes.

The Ha-Ra leather balm also comes in black for shoes and car tires.

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