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Cleaning Formulas : Ha-Ra Saponella
  THa-Ra Saponella is a highly concentrated complete laundry and dish detergent in one! Ha-Ra Saponella is suitable for all laundry from 30 -90°C and for all Ha-Ra fibres.

For wool or hand washing, wash at 30°C using Hans Raab Protective Formula.

One to two teaspoons of Ha-Ra Saponella is sufficient for one full dishwasher load! Because we don’t use compounds containing chlorine and corrosive substances, we need only use a minimal amount, which helps reduce pollution considerably. The 5 kg pack is sufficient for approx. 100 washes or at least 235 full dishwasher loads.

Ha-Ra Saponnela not only helps you to wash economically but be environmentally friendly at the same time.

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