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Ha-Ra Helpful Hints and Tips


  • Crystal glasses and stemware: shine with dry brilliant cloth and you’re ready to pour and serve in a sparkling glass.
  • Use to wipe fingerprints off CD's and DVD's
  • For parquetry and other timber sealed floors, stone, marble, and synthetic floors: makes it easy to clean between treatments and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface.*
  • Pets: also great for pets as it decreases the amount of dirt brought into the house.
  • Use in a figure 8 motion to prevent streaking.
  • You can clean up to 80 square meters before rinsing mop.
  • It is great for baseboards, ceilings, crown mouldings, stairs and on top of door frames to get all the cobwebs and dust.
  • Washing the car: a man’s favourite Ha-Ra cloth. Add 1 drop of formula to the bucket, wash with glove and then wipe down with Star cloth to get a sparkling, clean car.
  • Kiddie Pools: wash pool with glove to rid of dirt and grime before use.
  • Headstones: excellent for removing moss and lime build-up.
  • Toilet brush: keep brush overnight in toilet bowl with Kalkex and brush becomes clean and ready to be used again.
  • Dentures: Kalkex is 100% citric acid and cleans dentures beautifully.
  • Kettles, coffee machine, irons, and dishwashers: run 1 Tsp. in appliances to rid of any calcium deposits. It is a natural descaler and helps neutralize hard water making it easier to clean.
  • Shoes: cleans and protects from rain and snow.
  • Leather couches: cleans and protects and makes it shiny*
  • Car paint: remove unwanted paint marks with Multi cloth and Blue paste. No touch up needed.*
  • Coffee and tea stains in cups and mugs: remove stains with Multi cloth and water. No more bleach needed.
  • Fruit: the Multi cloth cleans fruit thoroughly. Rub the fruit and with the damp fibre. Ha-Ra removes the layers of wax and harmful residues which might have penetrated deeply into the skin.
  • Scuff marks: are easily removed with the Multi cloth and Blue paste.*
  • Shower stall doors: remove soap scum quickly and easily with no fumes or toxins with the Multi cloth and Blue paste. Silver: becomes new again with the Multi cloth and Blue paste. No more messy, toxic chemicals.*
  • Silver: becomes shiny with the Multi cloth and Blue paste. No more messy, toxic chemicals*
  • Stainless Steel: becomes shiny with the Multi cloth and Blue paste. No dull film left.*
  • Sticky tape: remove with Multi cloth and water. Suede shoes: use Multi cloth, not too wet, and rub gently and evenly. Do not rub too long in one place as this reduces the risk of color differences and marks.*
  • Suede shoes: use Multi cloth, not too wet, and rub gently and evenly. Do not rub too long in one place as this reduces the risk of color differences and makks*
  • Remove greasy handprints from walls and ring around the tub with glove and water. It is also quick and easy to use while in the shower.
  • Blinds: great for all you blind needs. No more refill dusters.
  • Window screens: wipe with a damp cloth. No lint build up.
  • Great for all Ha-Ra Floor Express fibre pads. Also, great for squeezing out towels, cloths and shirts when camping.

  • All purpose cleaner: place 1cm formula and 4 Tsp of Kalkex in foam pump with water and you have an all purpose cleaner.
  • Great for toilets, counters and sinks.
  • Cut flowers: add 1 drop of formula to the water and the flowers will last longer.
  • Economise: put 1 drop in a spray bottle, fill with water and use as spray to dampen cloths and gloves.
  • Great for windows and mirrors to become clean and streak free. They do not steam up as quickly either. It is pennies to the bottle.
  • Front loaders: use formula instead of bleach.
  • Hair washing: use 2-3 drops to wash hair instead of shampoo. It is great for people who are sensitive to shampoos.
  • Hand washing: put 1cm formula in a “foam pump” with water and use instead of hand wash soap bought at stores.
  • Less is best: to ensure 1 drop, place a drop on tip of finger and let the water run over into the bucket.
  • Rinse aid: put 2 drops of formula with 3 litres of water in a bottle. Use as a wonderful rinse aid for the dishwasher.
  • Rose bushes: it is safe to throw left over Ha-Ra water in bushes/plants instead of down the drain. Some say their bushes grow better and without as many bugs.
  • Sink: fill bathroom sink with water and add a drop of formula. It is a lot less hassle than taking out a bucket when cleaning your bathroom.
Ha-Ra Protective Formula in a bucket full of clean water costs less than few cents other cleaners cost about 20 cents per bucket.

  • Stains: use the Rollfix for easy application to remove stains on clothes and ring around the collar.*
  • Use Saponella regularly to help eliminate/reduce bumps and sensitive skin.
  • Dishwasher: use 1 Tsp of Saponella Plus to get dishes sparkling clean.
  • Pre-soak: place Saponella in bucket and pre-soak stained laundry before wash. It’s ready to go by laundry day.
  • There is no need for any bleach and fabric softener to get clothes whiter with no static when using Saponlla or Saponella Plus.
  • Tile grout: use scrub and blue paste to get into those nasty grout stains.
  • Use one Star cloth especially for mirror and windows for optimal effectiveness. It comes in two different borders.
  • Fold in four and get 8 clean surfaces areas before needing a rinse. It saves time and effort.
VARIO WINDOW CLEANER: 1 application of formula on the fibre before first use.

  • Do not rub with hand to create static electricity. There is grease/oil on fingers. Rub on arm or leg to create static electricity then move the Yellow Mitt slowly over the surface area as no dust is raised while cleaning.
  • Lampshades made from paper, textiles, leather etc. can be dusted with the Yellow Mitt.

NOTE All of these hints and tips have been sent in by customers and consultants. It is intended for your information and to encourage you to use the HA-RA fibres for all your cleaning. Obviously, we are unable to verify each of the statements so we cannot give any warranty for individual suggestions. Try HA-RA products gradually more and more and for different applications and when unsure *always try first in an obscured area! This guide will give you ideas on how versatile the HA-RA products range is. Remember, there’s no such thing as a miracle! But there is the physical-mechanical cleaning system from HA-RA.