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Wash and Care

We recommend that you wash the Ha-Ra cloths and gloves (except the dry Yellow Fibres) in the washing machine on cold or warm before the first use. It is often sufficient to rinse Ha-Ra cloths after use with water only, or you may wash the fibres with warm water and one drop of Hans Raab Protective Formula. Should the fibres become very dirty, they may be washed in the washing machine preferable on 40 Celsius, using Saponella, or with pure soap. (Sunlight bar soap)

Never use fabric softener or a washing detergent that contains fabric softener! Fabric softeners may be damaging to the structures of the fibres or they can cling to the fibres and it will alter their specially designed shape. One drop of Hans Raab Protective Formula can be used instead of fabric softener.

All Ha-Ra fibres must be aired after use. If the fibres stay damp, they may become brittle and rot. Do not put the Ha-Ra fibres in the dryer.

Additional washing tips:
Wash fibres in a pillow case. This will prevent the fibres from matting. Dry yellow fibres shake out or brush. Wash rarely.

Using care instructions above, your Ha-Ra fibres will last for a long, long time.

Foam bottle solution 250ml bottle: 1 cm with formula and 4 teaspoons of Kalkex then fill with water up to 1 cm from the top.

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