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Window Cleaner : Ha-Ra Vario Window
Cleaner 19cm/32cm
  Working with the Ha-Ra window cleaning device is an experience. With this device you work:  
  • faster than professionals.
  • cleaner than the professionals and
  • without using “elbow grease”!
  • adjustable rubber strip, allows you to reach tough areas
  • available in 2 sizes 19cm and 32 cm
How to Use:  
  1. Wet the fibres of the device completely under the tap. Rub in well 3 -4 drop of Hans Raab Protective Formula and/ or use the Ha-Ra Rollfix. Then by moving your hand across the fibre pad and pressing down, squeezes out the excess water so it doesn’t drip when held at an angle.
  2. Move the fibre pad of the Ha-Ra window cleaner over the surface to be cleaned using light circular motions.
  3. Dry the edge of the rubber strip with a dry Ha-Ra Star cloth. Starting at the top of the window, remove the water by moving the rubber strip down the window applying light pressure and ensuring that the pad does not come into contact with the glass. Again dry the edge of the rubber strip with a dry HA-Ra Star cloth.
  4. Press the fibre pad lightly against the bottom of the window and the fluid will be absorbed by the fibre pad. This prevents dripping on the window frame.
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